"The glass is a magic material and the glassblower a magician."

Verre et Design

In uniting the work of several designers and craftsmen who are passionate about this material, we wish to impart their fascination and make it an accessible artwork to many. Our products are made by men and women with the skills to transform and obtain the best results from this material in order to create exceptional objects.



A certain number of our products are customizable. We believe that each person has a unique and personal story to tell, which is why we work together as a team with our customers to understand their needs in order to achieve unique and individual pieces.

 The Know-how, high quality and originality form the DNA of glasswork design.

                                                           Wilfried Allyn Design

2018 marks the launch of the Wilfried Allyn Design collection. Located in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie in the Vendée region, Wilfried Allyn's studio, Nivyne designs glasswork objects on a daily basis. Keeper of the know-how of established glassblowers from over 2 generations, his works are primarily guided by his passion for the material. While continuing to work alongside prestigious French luxury names, Wilfried Allyn has decided to launch his own collection of design objects in 2018.

                                                         Wilfried Allyn Glassblower


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